Another day without TV

A few days ago, I mentioned in passing how sad it made me that the beautiful big TV stopped working. I also mentioned that Samsung’s response was a nice change from Microsoft’s excuse for customer service, and that the TV most likely was going to be repaired by this weekend.

If Samsung had not sent out a defective replacement part, it might have been. Actually, if they had sent out one defective replacement part, it might have been. But both the parts that have been sent to the Local Authorized Service Center have had the same kind of defect: A crucially important lens is too scratched to function properly. The repair person that came to install the part is not at all happy about this kind of behavior from Samsung, and has made a third attempt to order a functioning part from them. It will arrive Monday, we are told, and we hope it will be scratch-free. For now, we have to settle for watching NBA playoff previews and highlights online, and visit our friends to be able to watch the actual games.

I want to make it very clear that the repair person that has been coming to our house twice now has been very pleasant and professional, and I would be happy to recommend the company to anyone who needs a TV repaired. Samsung, on the other hand, I now cannot get far enough away from. I am only hoping that at the third attempt they will finally manage to send out a working part.


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