Good customers.

I have found my favorite type of customer.

The IT professional/server tech/major reseller-type guy. The one who is in the business, and who has been in it long enough to know that sometimes shit happens even to him, and it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just freakishly bad luck.

These people know how it works. They know that if you want to return something for exchange or refund, you pay for shipping. They know that if they are past 30 days, they have no legal rights. They know that whether it’s fair or not is unimportant, and they remember that I don’t make the policies, but I do have to enforce them.

And they keep it at a professional level. Even when angry, they manage to keep it at a professional level, and that makes all the difference. Because, as hard as it is for you to believe, I understand your frustration. The last time my computer refused to work, I shared it. I upgrade my system piece by piece, I have had parts fail on me before they were installed, I know the sinking feeling of staring at a completely unresponsive system and praying that whatever just happened is covered by warranty.

And when this type of customer calls in, and treats me courteously, I remember all those things, and I sympathize. And I have a lot more power than I would ever let you think I have, so when you are nice to me, and understand that I can’t do magic, and that I can’t violate policies just because you scream at me, I will appreciate that understanding, and I will try to help. I will really try to help… and I have power. I know it sounds empty, but I do. I can give you free over-night shipping on anything, up until 30 minutes before the last shipment leaves for the day, if I want to. I can talk my supervisor into nearly anything that needs their approval, because my supervisor knows I would not insist for nothing. I just don’t feel like insisting if you act like a complete jerk.

This type of customer knows that, and acts on it, and I gladly do what I can to encourage that sort of behavior.

You stay professional and I will stay professional ,and my profession is Customer Service. I take that seriously, and I will help you in any way I can. All I ask is that you don’t act like a spoiled brat when you ask for that help.


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