High School Reunion

I have received an invitation to my High School reunion. It had a picture of my entire class, taken during the champagne breakfast we had in a park, and the caption “Can you believe it has been 10 years?”

It took me a while to find me in the picture, and when I showed it to Froli, my favorite man and best friend, it took him even longer. So I guess I can believe it, since I look so different now. I will obviously not be able to attend, for geographical reasons, but I am going to send in that email they asked for, answering the questions about where I live and with who, and what I do for a living. They also wanted me to tell them one thing I’ve done in the past ten years that I think will surprise the class. Looking at the photo, I am tempted to say “became good-looking” on that one…

And I feel old now.



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2 responses to “High School Reunion

  1. Karin

    Perhaps you should send them a photo. You know, before and after.
    Didn’t you wear something red for graduation?

  2. Froli

    I’ll testify to the “good looking” part. :)

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