An exercise in futility?

I have decided to give the Bowflex machine sitting in the spare upstairs bedroom a second chance. In reality it’s probably more like a fifth or sixth… but since I have a honeymoon on a beach coming up as well as a high school reunion, I figured that if those two together can’t motivate me, I’m truly a lost cause.

I like the idea of being able to do three or four reps, then go downstairs and get some water, go back upstairs and do a few more, and so on and so forth. And I distinctly remember that the one time when I actually managed to stick to a consistent routine with it for more than a week, it had visible and pleasant results. Aside from the cosmetic benefits of doing strength training on a regular basis, I remember that my back was hurting less back then, as were my shoulders and knees.

So I have, as of 45 minutes ago (30 for the workout and 15 for showering afterwards), decided that I will give the torture device a sixth chance. I will work all the major muscle groups three evenings a week, and hopefully I will eventually come to the point where I don’t fell like rolling over and pass out after a mere half hour.

And when I get that far, I’ll add another 10 lbs of resistance, and see what happens.


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