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As a loyal Gamespot member, I hardly ever consider going elsewhere for game news, reviews, trailers, et cetera. This is not only because Gamespot has all of them, or because it’s so big you can be sure to get every single nuance between blind fanboy worship and unadulterated hatred of a game, if you search for reviews, but because I really like how it’s organized and how the interface works. They make it easy for me to find everything, in fact, they find it for me and send it to my account inbox in a steady stream of updates . Very handy.

But today I will, for once, link to another web community that offers game reviews, forums, and your own account for doing and enjoying both of those: What the site has going for it, that has made me bookmark it and visit again and again, is the Game-O-Meter. It scans your computer via a downloadable java script, and then shows you, on a flame-inspired graph, how well your system will perform in the game you were reading a review of just before you clicked the button.

I have been looking for something like that for years!


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