Poker musings, and a bit of a rant

They were showing the 2004 WSOP Tournament of Champions on TV earlier today. The ten best poker players in the world, by far, all of them together around a table, playing a tournament game. The winner took home $2 million.

It’s fascinating to watch the differences in personality, playing style, the way they interact with each other… the mental game. It’s all about playing people as much as it is about playing your cards. Or your opponent’s cards, for that matter. There is a certain amount of luck involved, of course, but poker is not true gambling and never was.

Gambling depends entirely on luck. But if poker did, it wouldn’t be the same group of people finishing in the money at WSOP year after year, now would it?

And on a completely unrelated note, I am sick and tired of seeing movie adaptations of The Count of Monte Cristo portraying Mercedes as the loyal woman who ends up happily ever after with Edmond at the end. Follow the book, please!

Mercedes is supposed to end up widowed (after marrying Edmond’s supposed best friend!), completely bankrupt, and without even a title or reputation to her name, believing her only child has been murdered in one of those random robberies that is the very definition of unfairness, and that her husband was killed in a similar pointless manner. She deserves all of it, every single bit, and more. Mercedes is even more of a traitor than the rest of them, and it is starting to seriously annoy me that it seems to be the norm to have her and Edmond live happily ever after in cosy affectionate love, after he forgives her. And she really doesn’t deserve that either, by the way.

I want Haydee back in the story, the way Dumas wrote it. Haydee knows what loyalty is.


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  1. Froli

    Bravo! I couldn’t agree more with your Mercedes comments. A pox on disloyal women.

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