Små kontraster…

Smart people who know what they’re doing don’t to call either Customer Support or Tech Support, so we never get to hear from those customers. The ones we talk to are not a representative sample of the average computer user out there, or the average among our customers for that matter. So when I do hear from one of them, it’s a very interesting contrast. The quotes below are from those rare, rare diamonds found in the mud of ignorance and misinformation.

“Hello. I want to make a purchase here in the US, with my American credit card and ship it to an address in Germany, and I need to know what to tell my credit card company, to make sure there aren’t any delays or problems.”

“I just placed an order for over-night morning delivery, and since it’s five minutes before your shipping cut-off I just wanted to make sure that the order went through and that it will get out today. Oh, and if it can’t get to me by tomorrow morning I need the order canceled, because this really can’t wait.”

“I called yesterday about an order that never got to me, although the online tracking says it was delivered. I just wanted to let you know I found it.”

“I apologize for being rude earlier.” (This one is almost unheard of.)

“Why won’t you ship to my son in college?”
*explanation of our credit card policies*
“Oh. Okay, I’ll call my credit card company, and call you back and let you know when I straightened it out with them.”

They’re rare, but occasionally we get to talk to them. It’s a nice change of pace.


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