Entertaining moment of the weekend:

Now I know how to make employees in a video game store look at me as if I am a freak from another planet. (Aside from walking into certain stores and talk about games as if I know about them. Sometimes I wonder if it’s really 2007, the way some of these guys react…)

Walk in and ask them if they can look up what I have on preorder. When they say yes, wait for them to tell me the list of games, and then ask if I can move my preorder of Mass Effect to another game.

Then I giggled at the stunned and “did she just say that?” expressions, and then spent a few moments explaining that no, I hadn’t heard anything negative about it at all. Since I make a point of being nice to gaming store employees, I also explained that the reason I wanted to move it was that I was already all set up to get a copy on the release day, and have no need of duplicate reservations.

I then went on to restore order in the universe by simply moving said preorder over to Bioshock.



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2 responses to “Entertaining moment of the weekend:

  1. Froli

    A female gamer…god above, they DO exist!

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