The stolen blog post

During the very last hour at work today, I had this great idea for a blog post. It would be work related venting, of course, based on some of the more inane things that customers say and do, and it was going to be sharp, sarcastic, and fueled by the fact that work has been increasingly frustrating and stressful lately. I was all over this idea, and I was even composing the post in my head as I drove home from work.

And then I came home, opened the front door and walked in, and something was smelling very nice… a little bit like sandal wood, and it probably came from the scented candle on the kitchen table. The table itself was the oak one that we were going to bring in from the garage together, tonight, along with the matching chairs. Yet here it is, chairs and all, with a scented candle and plates and glasses out and there is a pink envelope on there as well.

Pink is not exactly my color, but the words “for my girlfriend” were written on it, so I took it and opened it anyway. Inside was a card, also pink in various shades, with a lot of classic “empowering” statements on it: I am strong. I am full of potential. I am not perfect. I am loved. I am fascinating. I am flawed. I am open minded. I am gifted. I am woman.

Inside the card was written, in very familiar hand writing, and beyond all of that, you are my woman, and I love you very much.

I realized a little later that the other smell, that mingled very nicely with the sandal wood, was chicken, sizzling in butter and thyme. It was delicious, and the bottle of chianti that somehow became involved, only improved the evening even more.

I had this great idea for a blog post during my last hour at work today, but I can’t for the life of me remember it now. And for some reason, I’m not the least bit stressed out anymore.


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