I hunt, therefor I am?

My cat hunted and killed yesterday. She killed a bird. It’s the first she’s ever killed that I know about, and she was very proud of it. She was so proud of it she brought it inside and showed it off.

There were small feathers spread on it here and there, and she didn’t care… she was batting at the dead bird, nipping at it, and she looked (and probably felt) very ferocious. It was a matter of time before she turned that bird into a royal mess that would never wash out of the carpet.

Now, I understand that cats hunt on instinct. They just have to go after the small squeaking creatures, they can’t stop themselves, and they don’t understand why humans reward them when they hunt mice and get upset when they hunt birds, because they don’t understand the difference.

However, I had no desire to have dead bird smeared into my carpet. I decided that since I was cooking at the time, and handling a dead bird is unsanitary, Froli would have the honor of removing the little feather ball. So I went and found him, told him about that cat and the dead bird, and after he had expressed proper admiration for the glorious cat’s amazing hunting skills, he took the bird from her and disposed of it.

More than 24 hours later, I think she is finally starting to forgive him.


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