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The simple things in life…

I went back to my favorite lunch place again today. I come in almost every day, at roughly the same time every day, and I always try to be nice and polite to the people who work there. Today they had a new girl there working the midday shift, and I realized how spoiled I’ve become.

Some of my coworkers tease me about the fact that I eat at the same place every single day, but I have a good reason for it. Apart from really liking the food they serve, I like the unspoken perks that come with being recognized and not despised by the ones serving the food.

This new girl didn’t recognise me at all, so she put the standard amounts of vegetables on my sub, and I had to ask her for a cup for my drink.

It irritated me. What’s the point of coming back every day if I don’t get something extra for it?


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EB Games, you tease!

From Gamespot’s Rumor Control, we find out that Mass Effect once more has been delayed. We also find out that EB Games may have been too quick to make assumptions…

The bottom line:

The official story: Mass Effect publisher Microsoft Games Studios’ response was swift…and not particularly helpful. “We have not made any official announcements regarding release timing for Mass Effect,” a rep said. “At this time, any information about the game’s release date is purely rumor and speculation.”

Bogus or not bogus?: Bogus that it’s been delayed, since it technically never had an official release date. However, the listing indicates a September release is now likely.

I try to console myself by watching in-game footage on the game’s official site, and curse EB Games for getting my hopes up.

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