Nobody’s perfect. Not even you.

A note to my least favorite kind of customer: The next time you need to call any kind of technical support or customer support, pause and take a deep breath first. Then review the following list of bullet points and commit them to memory before making the call.

  • Working in IT doesn’t mean you know everything.
  • Working in IT doesn’t mean you can’t make mistakes.
  • Working in IT does not automatically make you an expert on how a memory module works, or for that matter what it is compatible with.
  • If you really are good at trouble-shooting hard-ware, then please do. Really. I promise, I won’t be the least upset if you do.
  • Don’t tell me you know more about this than I do. If you did, you wouldn’t have called in the first place.

Depending on how long you have worked with computers, you may want to print the list and put it by your desk, where it is easy to see and read.

Thank you.


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