In addition to the backyard swamp, my well of blog ideas has also dried up recently. Somehow it seems that going on a second YouTube binge so soon after the last would be a bit like cheating. I need some other form of filler material, and I need it quickly. It’s either that, or I’ll have to start thinking again, and I feel very strongly that I’m getting enough of that at work right now.

I am in that situation right now that all callcenter employees recognize, where all my customers are irritating and annoying for me. Every single one of them seems a bit stupid, has a funny-sounding voice and an irritating way of talking, and they aggravate me, and I know that it isn’t them, it is me.

If you’ve ever worked in customer service you know what I’m talking about.

I need a break, and I am very much looking forward to the upcoming three-day weekend. Amaterasu Okami and I are going to smite evil together.


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One response to “Draught

  1. Karin

    News and current events are always good topics.
    Pick any random article (it helps if it’s at least a little interesting), write two or three comments of your own, make sure you have a link to the original article and you’re done!

    Personally I like the YouTube fallback though.

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