Apocalyptica plays Metallica

I used to play the cello, a long time ago. If I had known back then that a group like this would appear, or if I had realized that it was at all possible, I might have been a professional cellist today.

This is what it is all about. My music, on my instrument, my way. The way I like it, the way I want to, because this is how I love it.

This is Enter Sandman, performed on four cellos, by four very talented and skilled cellists. Enjoy.

Now, take my hand. We’re off to Never-Never Land.



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3 responses to “Apocalyptica plays Metallica

  1. Anna

    Just watched this video with my baby daughter on my lap. She stared wide-eyed at the screen in intense fascination. This is reassuring, it gives good hope for her future taste in music.

  2. Mimsy

    She clearly shows potential… ;-)

    How is the baby daughter these days? Still content with life and well-behaved?

  3. Anna

    Baby daughter doing fine. Visit her online album and watch the videos.

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