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Angels Do It Too

Someone reminded me the other night that I haven’t blogged in a month. Froli has been mentioning it as well, and even teased me about it. I know. I’ve been neglectful. At the same time, this blog is a toy, not a job, and it is for fun and relaxation… so here it is. A new blog, about one of the very best things in the entire world.

No, it’s not Mass Effect. It’s not The Witcher either. (And though I love Froli more than you strictly need to know, it’s not him either. Not this time.)

God gave it to Kiss, it was John Miles’s first love, Abba thanked you for it, and the angels had it before they even had wings…


I am finally getting around to hoarding it again, restoring the collection on my computer, one ripped CD at the time, and I love it. All of it.

I have what might be called eclectic tastes in music. On my CD shelf Mozart sits next to Eminem, Bach and Savage Garden next to Evanescence and Lisa Ekdal. There is Nat King Cole’s Christmas album, almost the only one I can stand listening to. There is Jussi Bjorling’s indescribable performance to Verdi’s Requiem. There is U2 and there is Nightwish, Freddie Mercury next to Janis Joplin. I will listen to almost anything, if I think I can stand it.

I am always willing to give a moment of my time and the undivided attention of my ears anyone who loves the music and who sings or plays because they want to share it, and because they have a passion for it greater than words can express. That’s what makes music great. When the words are not enough, when they simply cannot cover it anymore, that’s where the music takes over, and tells everything.

A couple of days after Pavarotti left us I posted a video of him here, an attempt to keep his memory alive that was as small as it was unnecessary. It is the theme from Caruso. I don’t understand a word of it, but I can feel the pain. The loneliness, the longing, and the hopelessness inevitably makes me sad whenever I hear it.

Pavarotti made the world a better place by bringing music to as many people as he could. Apocalyptica does it by playing the cello in their own unique way, and Bobby McFerrin does it with the flair and style that only genius can bring.

There is no real point to this blog other than to say that I love music, and I want to share it with the world. In the end, everything will have been about the music, and that will have been enough. In the end, the music is everything.

(Don’t bother. I already know Argent did it first.)



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