New Toy!

For Christmas, I got a wonderful and very thoughtful gift: a portable iPod speaker dock. It was a great idea. I hook up my iPod to the dock, and now I have a portable radio/stereo that can play all my music for me anywhere in the house. I love music, so it really was a great idea, and I do appreciate the thought behind it. Even though my Creative Zen Touch didn’t fit in the dock.

Fortunately the givers of the gift did not take offense when I revealed that, but instead told me they purchased the dock at Best Buy, who is notoriously generous with gift exchanges right after Christmas. They even gave me the receipt, to make the exchange easier.

I took the dock and gift receipt back to Best Buy and exchanged them for a gift card, while I browsed their website for cool gadgets and toys. A couple of days ago, they finally received a shipment of the ultimate toy, that I have craved for almost a year now:

I bought one game with it, for now, and I have ordered a screen protector online, since the stylus might hurt it if I play too hard. Now all I need to do is drop broad hints that cool accessories or a DS Top Toy would make for a great birthday gift next week, and I’ll be all set.



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2 responses to “New Toy!

  1. Jason

    It’s like I feel like you are part of the club now. Dawn, Andy and I all three have one (pink, black and white respectively) If I was still in Boise I would share some games and accessories with ya :(

  2. Mimsy

    Get back here, damn you! :D

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