In the Land of Midgets and Pygmies

We went out to a nice restaurant last night, to celebrate the new house. We invited Froli’s parents, since they were the ones who found the house and helped us to get everything set up so we can buy it. A nice dinner seemed like the least we can do. The restaurant in question has a dress code, so we did our best to accommodate. I dressed in a skirt, top, boots, and a dress jacket. My outfit created a problem.

After a very good meal and wine (snow-crab stuffed rainbow trout and a glass of sauvignon blanc), I excused myself and headed out to the ladies room. The counter by the sinks was lower than my hips. I am 5’7″, and in the boots I was wearing I became a bit taller, but a bathroom sink below hip level? Come on!

To make matters worse, the sink was position so I had my back towards the door into the ladies’ room. My options, in other words, was to squat very low, in an uncomfortable and highly undignified way, or to bend forward and moon whoever happened to walk in.

This is one of my biggest gripes with this town. Don’t they know that not all women are midgets?


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