Kicking Back is moving to WordPress

After much thought and agonizing, mainly along the lines of “do I really want to have a blog or not?”, I have decided that I do, but not at Blogger. I no longer use this google account, and the daily chit chat about my own little world was boring me anyway, so I have decided to make some changes.

Most obvious of them is that I am moving to WordPress. The url for Kicking Back is now so if you had links or bookmarks to this blog, make sure you change them. I seem to recall having as many as three regular readers at one point, which made me feel very special. So I’m posting this little announcement so you three will know where the blog is going to be from here on.

The new blog will look different than this one (I think it looks better), and it will have more of a consistent theme to it. Or three as it were. I like gaming and computers, and I enjoy following politics. The blog will be about those three things from now on.

And it will be on


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