Wubi: Ubuntu for dummies?

First things first: Thank you Karin for reminding me to turn off the password protect on the blog. Highly embarrassing…

Now on to what I really wanted to talk about; dual-booting made easy.

Ubuntu is one of the least intimidating of all available Linux distributions out there, if you want to give an alternative operating system a try. It has a large and friendly user community, the default desktop environment is easy to customize without being too intimidating, and most of the time, it just works.

It is, in all, quite a nice and friendly little distro and like nearly every other Linux it gives you the option to test it before you install… just burn it to a bootable CD and run it from there. But what if you don’t want to get rid of Windows? What if you want to run them both, but you only have one computer to do it?

Then you dual boot. You partition your hard drive into several different sections and have Windows on one of them and Ubuntu on the other. It is a tricky process, and carries certian risk with it. And that is where Wubi comes in. Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows, that you download from the link above, and double-click on just like any other Windows program.

In the window that pops up you designate username and password, how many gigabytes of hard drive space you want to give Ubuntu, and then you instlal it. The wubi installer will download the Ubuntu iso file for you–this is over 700MB, so it may take a while. After a reboot, you are all set and from here on, you will be promted to pick either Windows or Ubuntu when you boot your computer.

If you decide that Ubuntu is not for you, then you can simply go into your Add/Remove Programs and uninstall, just like you would any other application, and all of Ubuntu will be gone.

System Requirements:
256MB of RAM
5GB hard drive space
Windows 98 and above


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  1. Karin

    You’re welcome!

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