Nebraska court rules you cannot sue God

Former Nebraska senator Ernie Chamber tried filing a lawsuit against God, for acts of violence such as earthquakes and tornadoes. His case has been thrown out by a County Distrct Court judge on basis that you can’t sue God if you can’t serve the papers on him.

Ilya Somin disagress, saying that since God is everywhere it should be easy to serve him papers, and would henot be aware of the lawsuit already anyway, given that God is omniscient? The problem as I see it is that when you sue someone, they physically receive the papers, and in some states have to sign a paper to that effect. God’s representative, in the form of a Pope or Pastor would be sufficient to sign in his place, but only if God has given them a written signed license to sign his name on his behalf.

Leaving the papers in God’s house is nto good enough. So the real problem then would be, though we can claim we have served the necessar ypapers, how can we prove God received them?


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