ABI: Compare

AnythingButiPod, or ABI for short, has a large number of reviews and articles on the non-iPod digital audio and media players on the market. The site features an RSS feed, industry news and previews, and it has a large and helpful forum community, organized by brand and model.

One of the most recent additions to the site is the comparison database. Yes, you know exactly what you want out of a player. You want long battery life, dedicated volume buttons, you want a standard USB cable, and you want to be able to play your .flac music files on it. But you really don’t want to spend the next two weeks researching every single player out there to find out which of them meet those criteria.

Enter the comparison database. In the many boxes on the left, select the features you want, then click on one of the search buttons. The database will now give you a list of players that have all those features you want. From the list you can choose up to four players and see a side-by-side comparison.

By the way, the above listed features are available on the iRiver SPINN, iRiver E100, the Cowon iAudio7, the Trekstor Vibez, and the Cowon iAudio D2, neither of which comes with the feature “reasonably priced”. Fortunately, the database lets you set your preferred price range as well, if you happen to be on a tight budget.

Or if you want to see how the Samsung YP-P2 stacks up against the iPod Touch, select them both from the drop-down menus, and you can compare them feature for feature.


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