First day with the Sandisk Sansa Clip

I have bought myself a Sansa Clip audio player. It has 2GB of storage capacity, FM radio, a voice recorder, the ability to record radio, and a handy clip that attaches to everything from purse strap to t-shirt sleeve. I have seen an armband for this player for sale online, and can only assume that it is primarily designed for those who prefer to wander around naked. The Clip clip was able to hold on to everything I tried it on, so there is really no need for an armband.

The player is made from plastic that feels sturdy to hold and handle. Not heavy at 80 grams, it none the less manages to feel solid and not at all like a cheap toy. The user interface and controls took me at most five seconds to figure out, and the menus were easy to navigate once I had figured out when to move down and when to move sideways. The display is very bright and clear, and as such very easy to read. The entire player shines in fact, which of course means it is a worse finger print magnet than the Playstation Portable.

The sound quality is very good, just using the earphones that came with the player, and so is the radio reception. Since I took the Clip to work with me I had no chance to test the voice recording feature, but I plan to do so in the near future.

Originally purchased to be my workout buddy and peptalker, there is a good possibility the Clip may get to travel to work with me from now on. I am always worried that the hard drive in my beloved Creative Zen Touch (fondly named Precious) will be damaged from bouncing around in my purse, and with the Clip’s flash memory that is a non-issue. Plus, I enjoy showing it off to co-workers who want to know what kind of weird iPod this is?

The Sandisk Sansa Clip is for sale at Target, Best Buy, and most other big electronics department stores in the US, and in addition to red, it also comes in pink, blue, black, and silver.



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3 responses to “First day with the Sandisk Sansa Clip

  1. Detta är ingen kommentar till ditt inlägg utan mer bara ett meddelande att jag då och då kikar in på din blogg för att följa med vad som händer inom la familia. Hälsa alla.

  2. mistressmimsy

    Det är alltid kul att höra ifrån Gudfadern. Alla hälsar givetvis tillbaka. :-)

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