The Bush Record

My intelligent and in very way exceptional husband has written his own blog about who to vote for tomorrow. He included this list of how well George W Bush has done. Note the sarcasm…

  1. Two wars started early in his first term that will be nowhere near successfully ended by the end of his second term.
  2. A huge erosion of our civil liberties in the course of prosecuting those wars.
  3. A complete trashing of our reputation with the rest of the world and an absolute abdication of our moral high ground.
  4. Torture as official government policy for the first time in our history.
  5. A weakening of environmental legislation.
  6. An economic disaster that has led to completely flat wages for eight years, oil that is hovering around $4/gallon instead of the $1.38/gallon when Bush took office, record budget deficits, and a stock market that will end the Bush presidency at about the same level as it was when Bush took office eight years ago.
  7. The biggest attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor despite a memo a month earlier titled “Bin Laden Determined to Attack Within The United States”.
  8. A horrifically botched response to Hurricane Katrina despite an army recommendation that the levies were vulnerable. “Heckuva job Brownie!”
  9. Record number and percentage of Americans without health insurance.
  10. The largest income disparity since right before the Great Depression.
  11. Zero increase to the federal minimum wage in seven years.
  12. Tremendous increase in government spending on discretionary programs.
  13. An utter failure to capture Bin Laden.
  14. Tax cuts overwhelmingly slanted towards the richest Americans.

Please vote. It actually matters.



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2 responses to “The Bush Record

  1. One could argue that:

    1. The two wars were cleaning up the mess that Bill Clinton didn’t deal with when he was president.
    2. Civil Liberties have been less eroded by the government than by special interest groups that continue to push for more rights at the expense of others.
    3. Who cares what France thinks :P (j/k, our rep is bad)
    4. Torture as policy is democratic rhetoric.
    5. Been weakening long before Bush took over.
    6. The president doesn’t preside over the economy, many of the same economists that made the decision under Clinton still do.
    7. We get warnings all the time, there are plenty of credible threats, things get missed all the time, I think that’s extremely unfair to blame on Bush.
    8. I grew up in South Mississippi, the Hurricane response was no different than for the 16 years I lived down there, and the government knew about the Levees and gave money to fix them years ago, money that the city of New Orleans re-appropriated elsewhere.
    9. Health insurance is an issue, but I for one want it to remain private, plan or no plan, government insurance sucks, ask Canadians with non life threatening issues.
    10. This is quite a skewed number, there are many reasons for this outside the government’s leadership.
    11. There have been 7 times in the last 60 years or so that the minimum wage went over 5 years without increasing, sometimes it does that.
    12. So spending went to the war, we get that, war is expensive.
    13. And nobody else has either, with a ridiculous bounty on his head, interesting.
    13. I know a lot of not rich people that paid less taxes, me included.

    Just saying, it’s all about perspective, and I would have thought you and Jim could support Obama without joining the “Pick our guy because he isn’t Bush” train, we know he wasn’t a good president, but people have gotten into the habit of blaming anything and everything on him and the reality is the president, even Obama, does’t have THAT much power. That’s why we have checks and balances, if the country is screwed up, your lovely democrats are to blame also.

  2. 1. You’re commenting in the wrong blog. It’s Jim’s list, debate it with him.

    2. Not being Bush is a great advantage and depending on how you view Bush, means that Obama is eloquent, intelligent, mature, and consistent in his policies. What’s wrong with that?

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