Vote. Please.

The United States economy has not been this bad since The Great Depression. We have more enemies abroad than we have had since the Cold War, and though no fewer allies, they don’t think nearly as well of us as they did eight years ago.

Gas prices, health care costs, and college tuition are at an all time high while the average family’s income has dropped in the past eight years. The budget surplus that Clinton left us with has grown into a record deficit.

This is our chance to do something about that, or at the very least to show how we feel about the administration that put us in this situation. By voting. If you can’t make yourself pick either candidate, then turn in a blank ballot. Or cross out their names and write in Obi-Wan Kenobi if you prefer.  But vote. I would of course prefer if you voted for my candidate, but it’s as important that you get to your polling place as it is that you agree with me on this.

Don’t let them get away with what has been done to the economy, to the education system, to our health care system and to our public image in the rest of the world, without speaking up. Vote for Obi-Wan if you have to, the important thing is that you vote for someone if you haven’t already. It’s your chance to speak up.

Just vote. Please.

I’ve been reading Andrew Sullivan’s blog for a while now, and earlier today he posted one of the best blog essays and one of the best written, that I have seen in a very long time.  Know hope. And vote!



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2 responses to “Vote. Please.

  1. qbubbles

    I encourage you to flag this person as spam… they have spammed my blog with this nonsense. Twice.

  2. I fully intend to qbubbles. Thanks :)

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