We made history. Now what?

I feel like I should write something deep and insightful about today’s momentous occasion. That the United States, widely believed by its European allies to be too racist to ever have a black president, now actually does have one. One who could not resist mentioning in his inauguration speech that just 60 years ago, his Kenyan father would not have been able to eat at the restaurants in Washington, because of his skin color.

Young nations change faster than old ones? Maybe.

I can’t help but think though, that no matter how beautiful this is, no matter how historical and how special, it doesn’t necessarily change anything. When I wake up tomorrow the recession will still be there. The troops in Iraq are still stuck there, and the peopel of Gaza are still killing each other in disgusting ways, for morally questionable reasons. I will still be insecure about my weight, and my car door will probably misbehave again.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the sooner we realize that this guy isn’t The Messiah, the better. Yes we can and yes we did. We got him elected and we now find ourselves with a First Family descending from the slaves that built the White House. Yes, this is big.

This is also where the real work begins. The last thing we should do right now is to sit back and be content. Finding common ground is difficult. Over-looking differences to work towards a common goal, even more so. But that’s no reason not to try, now is there? If we really have hope, and optimism, and believe in ourselves, our country, and each other, then we can probably change the United States, and by doing so also change the world.

So, we have until tomorrow to start believing. Come on, let’s go. We have work to do.



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2 responses to “We made history. Now what?

  1. Jag dristar mig inte till att skriva på vad jag upplever vara “utrikiska” – “inrikiska” för dig numera. Så på din barndoms tangentbordsmål formulerar jag ett “Grattis!”.
    Dessutom skrev jag på min blogg ett snarlikt inlägg igår kväll svenska tid – strax efter det att GWB stuckit i helikopter realtid. Uppmanar där inte bara USAmerikaner utan också läsare i gamla Svedala att “hjälpa till”.
    Den gamle metodistpastorns förbön från podiet var bara SÅ bra – även om jag inte vet om det var en bön eller ett tal…

    Hälsa alla!

  2. Det anses allmänt att han stal hela showen, ja. :-)

    Det som oroar mig mest är att vi har så höga förväntningar att det är oundvikligt att vi blir besvikna. Det är svårt att vara realistisk ibland…

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