Disable Avira 10 Nag Screen (NEW PROCEDURE)


The method initially described in this post did not work on the latest version of Avira AntiVir, AntiVir 10. I have removed that old method and posted a new one that does work on AntiVir 10 in Windows 7.

Instead of modifying AntiVir’s own files it edits a set of registry keys to disable the start-up splash screen from Avira, as well as the ad displayed when you update the definitions. I tested this method on my laptop that is running Windows 7 64-bit and AntiVir 10, before I updated this guide, and can verify that it has worked fine for me, and not interfered with the functionality of AntiVir 10 in any way.

Read on for how to find out how get rid of the ads in AntiVir 10.

Before starting with the guide, all credit and kudos for this new method goes to Fred_151 who wrote the application we will be using. My guide is essentially a re-write of the guide he has on his website. I’m utting it here because my WordPress statistics page is showing that Google sends at least a handful of people to this blog post every day, and it seemed a safe assumption that none of you are using an old and outdated version of Avira’s free antivirus.

A warning before we get started. It’s on Fred_151’s website, and it bears repeating: Do not download from any other source than one of the three listed below!

The reason for this is two-fold: First off, the program modifies your registry. Second, it has to be run with AntiVir Guard turned off, because the makers of Avira wasted no time classifying this program as a Trojan as soon as they heard of it. So not only are you doing some low-level modifications that affect your antivirus, you are doing them with the real-time protection of said antivirus temporarily turned off. For your own safety and protection, download only from one of the three places I link to in the steps below.

What I just said is also the main reason that the links are not direct downloads, instead they take you to the page so you can verify that you are at one of the three legitimate destinations before downloading the file. Since MajorGeeks and SoftPedia are the only two mirrors that Fred_151 has authorized to offer his program, this means that if you find it on any other file hosting site someone else put it there, and you have no idea what they changed in the file before uploading it. Better safe than sorry, right?

Here we go:

1. Download NoNotifyAvira-v3.4.1.zip You can get it either from the author’s website, or from one of the mirrors that he has autorized, MajorGeeks and Softpedia.

2. Optional but highly recommended: Since we are about to turn off AntiVir Guard, kill your internet connection by unplugging the cable, or by turning off your laptop’s wireless adapter.

3. Turn off AntiVir Guard by rightl-clicking on the little red icon in the System Tray and then left-clicking on “AntiVir Guard Enable”. The little check mark next to that option will now go away, and the umbrella in the icon will show as closed.

4. Extract the files from NoNotifyAvira-v3.4.1.zip

5. Run NoNotifyAvira-V3.4.1.exe In Vista or Windows 7 you have to right-click on the file and select “Run as Administrator…” or the program will not have powerful enough user permissions to edit the Registry values we need to change. In Windows XP, just double-click it like any other program.

6. In the first window that comes up, verify your version of Avira AntiVir by typing the number (if you have AntiVir 10, it should be 3). Hit Enter to confirm your choice.

7. In the next window, you will be asked if you have Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit. If you do, hit the number for your OS, if you have Vista or Windows XP pick 3 to let NoNotifyAvira identify your OS, and then once again hit Enter to confirm your choice, and let the program do its thing.

8. Now, right-click on the red umbrella icon and left-click on “AntiVir Guard Enable” to turn your real-time protection back on before we revive your internet connection. The umbrella in the Avira icon should now be open again.

After you’ve gone through this procedure you will probably get a message from AntiVir that says “The size of AVNOTIFY.EXE has been modified! This may have been been done by a virus.”. It is perfectly safe to ignore this message, as it is just AntiVir’s interpretation of the change you just made. I received that message after going through the process, I closed it, and have been going for several days without any issues at all.

Another error you may see is “Out of memory! Shutting down AVNOTIFY”.

Shutting down that process doesn’t hinder the performance of your AntiVir 10 in any way, since AVNOTIFY is the process that runs the update advertisement. It’s perfectly safe to ignore it and go on about your business. In fact, I have seen that message once or twice when running the AntiVir update manually, and after closing that message the update continues to run without a hiccup.

If the out-of-memory error is persistent and becomes annoying for you, Fred_151 offers a solution in a detailed guide on how to manually block avnotify.exe

And that’s it.

As before, I check the comments to this post and I always welcome feedback and opinions. Trolls on the other hand will be blocked, deleted, and sent to a personal hell filled with 4-year old boys that are fed large amounts of espresso and sugar. Just as before. :-)



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    Thanks a bunch dude! Worked like a charm!

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