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Duct tape + Gum + Shaving Cream = BOOOOM!!!!

Karin told me, and I immediately ran out to verify with a movie news website, and here it is: The fantastic 80’s TV series Macgyver is being made into a movie.

Yes, you heard me right. One of the two men who managed to pull off the mullet during the 80’s, and the one who made geeks cool, is coming to the big screen.

We must immediately start a petition to bring Richard Dean Anderson back as the lead actor. With the worn brown leather jacket, a roll of duct tape in one pocket, and a Swiss army knife in the other. We just need a script writer who can actually pull off the aging action hero angle… after all, we do not need any more South Park episodes like the one about the Crystal Skull.


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iMac Shuffle

Remember the MacBook Wheel? It has a big cousin, the iMac Shuffle:

Introducing the new iMac shuffle. It’s the desktop that had everything. Now, there’s less. We’ve taken out that pesky glass screen and carved the entire computer out of aluminum, for extra sturdiness. Why no screen? Well, we wanted to make the iMac shuffle even more lightweight than its predecessors, and make sure that there was nothing to distract you from the Apple logo. For inspiration, we looked to our newest, most brillant product… the new iPod shuffle.

Apple used to be good at marketing and innovation. The most recent iPod Shuffle however is proof that just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.

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Lasting Impressions of Watchmen

You know how some artists really, REALLY want to be taken seriously as serious artists? So badly that it permeates everything they do to the point where they are so busy being serious artists that they end up creating really mediocre art?

Meet Watchmen: The Movie.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, I think I’m going to be haunted of visions of a giant blue penis for at least a week. I am deeply disturbed, and feel it is my obligation to notify you that Dr Manhattan’s penis gets more screen time than any other supporting cast member. You have been warned.

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Will an intelligent and educated Republican please stand up?

Who’s going to take over leading the Republican party, now that McCain failed to win the presidency and more importantly turned a lot of Republicans away from him in the process? Rush Limbaugh is a certifiably insane junkie, so he might not be a very good choice. But who else is there? Let’s look at the list:

The Governor of Louisiana could barely form a complete sentence much less a meaningful metaphor.   The Governor of Alaska couldn’t handle an interview with Katie “What magazines do you read?” Couric.   Ann Coulter opens her mouth and instantly inserts a size 17 foot.  Karl Rove’s nickname in the Oval Office was Turd Blossom.  And finally, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw.

(The list comes courtesy of Margaret and Helen.)

I’m not sure I agree that it is that bad, or that there truly is no one else, but I do agree that there seems to be very few candidates that can match President Obama when it comes to charisma, eloquence, and the crucial ability to look good on TV. The best they could find was chosen to give the opposition speech to Obama’s first ever State of the Union Address and if you don’t know how well that went, then you probably aren’t following political blogs as closely as I do. Continue reading

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Ugliest mp3-player ever?

Ladies and gentlemen of taste, I bring you the CJ7 Dog Doll MP3 Player with Built-in Speakers. This pretty little thing is a replica of the alien from the Hong-Kong movie CJ7. I have not seen this movie. Given that the main alien looks like a Gremlin given a Paris Hilton make-over, I don’t think I want to see it…

This is hideous

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Relax. And a Facebook tutorial.

Karin posted an instruction video for anyone who is considering using Facebook, but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. It’s educational, covers both the basics and  more intermediate functions of the site, as well as why and how it is a great method of staying in touch with yourfriends. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

And now, Metallica’s Fade To Black, performed by Apocalyptica.

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