Will an intelligent and educated Republican please stand up?

Who’s going to take over leading the Republican party, now that McCain failed to win the presidency and more importantly turned a lot of Republicans away from him in the process? Rush Limbaugh is a certifiably insane junkie, so he might not be a very good choice. But who else is there? Let’s look at the list:

The Governor of Louisiana could barely form a complete sentence much less a meaningful metaphor.   The Governor of Alaska couldn’t handle an interview with Katie “What magazines do you read?” Couric.   Ann Coulter opens her mouth and instantly inserts a size 17 foot.  Karl Rove’s nickname in the Oval Office was Turd Blossom.  And finally, Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are so corrupt that their votes can be purchased for less money than a whore with lockjaw.

(The list comes courtesy of Margaret and Helen.)

I’m not sure I agree that it is that bad, or that there truly is no one else, but I do agree that there seems to be very few candidates that can match President Obama when it comes to charisma, eloquence, and the crucial ability to look good on TV. The best they could find was chosen to give the opposition speech to Obama’s first ever State of the Union Address and if you don’t know how well that went, then you probably aren’t following political blogs as closely as I do.

In case you don’t, let me summarize Bobby Jindall’s performance for you: Epic fail.

Even the talking heads on Fox News completely dissed him, and they are the ones who managed to insist that McCain was as good a public speaker as Obama during the election.

This is bad. The Republican party needs to regain its sanity and make friends with either Romney or Huckabee again, and they need to do it fast. Yes,  I mean that. I, a rabid Obama supporter and Democrat, want to see the Republican Party grow solid and stronger again. And I want that because the Democratic Party needs a strong and healthy opposition. Not 0nly because a strong opponent helps you keep your blades sharp, but because this is still a democracy. Despite what went wrong and got corrupted during the eight years of the Bush administration, the US is still a constitutional republic, where the Senate and Congress represent us, and together with the Supreme Court keep the President’s executive power from going too far, in theory at least. I’m sure we can all agree that for a few years recently, that did not quite work out in practice.

Single-party rule is bad for democracy, which means it is bad for our country. President Obama and the democrats need a strong opposition. I freely admit that I would find living under an Obama-rule far more pleasant than living under a Bush II regime, but that does not change the fact that as a general principle the party in power needs to be balanced out by a healthy opposition. So, who’s it going to be? Who’s going to lead the Republican Party again Obama? More to the point, who is going to foce the Obama administration to think things through until they can justify their decisions, defend their position, and have to be able to convince us why we should do things their way? Only a strong opposition party can do that, and that is why we need one.


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  1. Honolulu Sally

    I agree, to a point. A one party government actually can work, if the proper people are in place. It is the same argument that a dictatorship (or kingship,etc) works IF a good and wise king/dictator is in power.

    Right now, the Republican party seems doomed with their figureheads and platform of divide and doom. If they do not learn how to reach out and eliminate cruelty, fear, and hatred, be constructive rather than obstructive, then they deserve to fade away.

    IMHO, we now have a great leader with the advantage of a majority Congress. Change can happen because of the current situation. It would be delusional of me to think that this is an ideal situation that will benefit us forever; but for now, I think it will work. It will work far better with a president such as Obama than it did with one like Bush from 2000 – 2006.

    Thanks for your insight. (linked from Margaret & Helen’s parlor)

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