Work team-building. Oh, the fun.

Like every other work place, mine does team-building exercises. They split us into four teams, and use our call center stats to get an average index for each team. We get to pick our team’s name, and each names goes on the picture of the race car symbolizing that particular team (ours was a red Bugatti), and a poster of a race track is put up on the wall.

The cars are positioned on the track and moved daily as the stats are updated, so if a team’s average daily index is 35, that car gets moved 35 points forward, and so on. First team to 500 wins, which has led to the race being named the “The Waddel 500”, Waddel being the last name of the gentleman in charge of our company. The winning team is awarded a handsome price: Three hours at the Boondocks Fun Center on a Friday afternoon.

My co-workers have now learned about me that while I am better at gocart racing than they are, I am horrible at mini-golf… I lost on nearly every hole. But that’s okay, since I won both gocart races.

I in turn have learned about my team that when you gather all the girls together and get them to agree to gang up on the lone guy for the bumper-boats, they tell him, and then all of them turn on you. Thankfully, they sucked at aiming with their boat turrets so I wasn’t completely drenched, and I got some really good retaliation shots in when they got in each other’s way.

I have also learned that the arcade game Airport Terror is fun enough that it’s worth the horrendous amount of tokens it takes.

Those of us scheduled to work the late shift were not required to go back to work afterward, so I got home early today. Work team-building is fun. :)


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