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Account Protection 101

I can’t even remember the last time I went a week without seeing at least two or three posts in one of the many forums I frequent about a “hacked” email or game account, that has led to all sorts of problems for the person. And it is a problem. If you have spent $500 buying games on your Steam account, and someone takes over and kicks you out, then in addition to losing your account and your games, you have also lost your money. It would be a very unpleasant situation to be in.

It becomes all the more unpleasant the moment you realize just how easy it would have been to avoid it, and that it’s indirectly your own fault that this happened because you simply weren’t careful enough. Even worse, now that you know how easy it was to prevent it from happening, you feel like an idiot.

If you do know already, this blog is not for you. This is for everyone who wants to know the basics of how to keep their accounts safe, so phishers and scammers can’t get to them.
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HOW TO: “Day of the Tentacle” on Windows 7

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle came out in 1993, making it just one year shy of voting and joining the military this spring. It is a classic, in more ways than one, and is considered by many of its fans to have set the golden standard for how to make a good adventure game. Its sense of humor is outrageous, its puzzles of course unforgettable, and it has one of the coolest looking villains of all time: The Purple Tentacle!

So, how do you make a 17 years old game run on Windows 7? Very easily, as it turns out. Read on. Continue reading


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