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“Computer techs” that give the rest of us a bad name…

So early last week one of my co-workers, B, comes up to me and wants to know if I have a moment. She wants to run a computer problem by me for a second opinion, to help her sister out. Sure. Talk is cheap, so since we’re both on break I start asking for details.

B tells me her sister has a laptop that is her life-line to the world. She takes online classes while desperately looking for work, and she can’t do either without a working computer, so B is trying to help her get the laptop fixed as soon as possible, without it being too expensive, since it’s refusing to boot. The sister is on a borrowed netbook for now, so she can get her classes done, but that is obviously not a good long term solution. Continue reading


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Basic Email Security

A while back I wrote a blog about how to keep your Steam/email account safe from unscrupulous people on the internet. After a bit of thinking, it has occurred to me that it would not be a bad idea to write another one, on how to stay safe from email traps and ambushes. So here we go…

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