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For once, a customer made me laugh

After spending a few years on the receiving end of hardware support phone calls, I’ve heard all the bad jokes. I’ve heard all the abysmal ones.I’ve even heard all the good ones so often they aren’t funny anymore.

And then, this happened. Customer calls in for tech support help. Essentially, his order was lost in transit by the stupid courier company that was supposed to deliver them. So the customer calls us back and is confused. Where is the order? The agent that takes the call checks the dollar value of the order, and since it’s very low he immediately sends out a replacement, with apologies. The replacement is DOA, Dead On Arrival.

At this point, I’m astonished that the customer was still in a good mood when he called in for tech support, to find out why the part didn’t work. I did some troubleshooting with him, verified he had a bad module, and tried to put a good spin on it with my “I can fix this”-speech. The customer bought it (thankfully) and was all in favor of a warranty exchange, so I started creating the paperwork and told him I would make sure UPS emailed him a pre-paid label for the return shipping. The customer proceeds to tell me that without working memory his computer is down, so he can’t print the label.

Oh. Okay, I can work around that.

So I nod to myself, and proceed to confidently tell my customer, “That’s okay, I can work around that.”

He’s quiet for a moment and then says, “You must be a wife. Wives are the only ones who know how to solve problems.”

For some bizarre reason that reply made me laugh for over a minute.


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