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Say “thank you” now and then

People who chose to make a career out of a Customer Service job did that because of the happy customers who appreciate their efforts. We mock the stupid ones, vent about the painful ones, and we laugh at the condescending ones, but the grateful ones, who actually take the time to compose an email to management about how much they appreciate all we did to help them… those are the ones we come to work for and the ones who keep us going.

So please, take a moment to say thank you and pay a compliment. If you work in Customer Service yourself, you know very well how such a simple thing can completely make your day and remind you why you choose this job to begin with. If you don’t work in the field, you’ll just have to trust me on this. That short and polite question, “is there a manager I can talk to, to register a compliment about you?” is what keeps us going when the really bad customers ambush us.

So take a moment to say thank you. Just a short one. It’s easy.


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