Greetings, stranger

“Fame” is a fancy word for “being recognized and talked about by total strangers”. If that was all I wanted, I could just go to an American Idol audition, dress horribly, sing even worse, and then have a screaming fit at Simon. Fame is simply too easy to achieve to be worth anything anymore.

This is simply a place where I relax and vent. It’s also a supremely self-centered hobby for my own personal amusement (it is a blog, after all), a toy, a distraction, and practically the only place in this world where my word is law. And it’s about computers and gaming on them, gaming on other platforms, and in addition to that it is about politics. Because if we don’t pay attention and do our best to improve things, no one else is going to do it for us.


2 responses to “Greetings, stranger

  1. When are ya going to get your own fly domain, Kickie’s own little home on the web?

  2. mistressmimsy

    But then I would have to actually work at it… that sounds way too exhausting :P

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