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Account Protection 101

I can’t even remember the last time I went a week without seeing at least two or three posts in one of the many forums I frequent about a “hacked” email or game account, that has led to all sorts of problems for the person. And it is a problem. If you have spent $500 buying games on your Steam account, and someone takes over and kicks you out, then in addition to losing your account and your games, you have also lost your money. It would be a very unpleasant situation to be in.

It becomes all the more unpleasant the moment you realize just how easy it would have been to avoid it, and that it’s indirectly your own fault that this happened because you simply weren’t careful enough. Even worse, now that you know how easy it was to prevent it from happening, you feel like an idiot.

If you do know already, this blog is not for you. This is for everyone who wants to know the basics of how to keep their accounts safe, so phishers and scammers can’t get to them.
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HOW TO: “Day of the Tentacle” on Windows 7

Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle came out in 1993, making it just one year shy of voting and joining the military this spring. It is a classic, in more ways than one, and is considered by many of its fans to have set the golden standard for how to make a good adventure game. Its sense of humor is outrageous, its puzzles of course unforgettable, and it has one of the coolest looking villains of all time: The Purple Tentacle!

So, how do you make a 17 years old game run on Windows 7? Very easily, as it turns out. Read on. Continue reading


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PC Gaming Made Easier

Fans of PC gaming will forever claim that their platform is by far superior to any console out there. Be it the graphics, the free online play, the ability to customize and modify games as needed or any other reason, the PC as a gaming console has a loyal following that stubbornly refuses to even consider that a 360 or PS3 could be anywhere near as great for gaming as a PC is. (Don’t even think about bringing up the Wii!) More than one of those loyal fans will point out the convenience of user-made patches that fix all the glitches the official ones missed, as a great advantage as well.

Those who prefer consoles will point to invasive DRM and how easy it is to game on a console compared to a PC, where all you have to do is insert the disk and hit “play”. Granted, that has never been the case with the PC… if anything, it has become easier now than it used to be. Nor do consoles have the hassle of different operating systems that the PC has. Try playing Knights of the Old Republic on Windows 7, for example… it’s not pretty.

I’m not going to try and pretend that the inconveniences and difficulties don’t exist, or try to justify any of them. I do however think that how much of an inconvenience they are depends a lot on what your expectations are, and whether you are used to them or not. A console gamer trying out their first ever PC game is going to be a lot more frustrated than someone who has been gaming exclusively on PCs since the “good old days” of DOS, when games required you to reboot from a dedicated floppy in order to run them.

There are ways to minimize the hassle though. Little things to do and be aware of that can make PC gaming, especially the process of installing and updating the game, a lot smoother and hopefully more enjoyable. Continue reading

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How To Play Jade Empire in Windows 7 (now updated)

I have verified that this method works in Windows 7 64-bit. A friend on Gamespot has verified it works on Vista as well. Commenter julio was kind enough to verify that this method also works in Windows 8 Enterprise, 64-bit edition.

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Today NCSoft, tomorrow Blizzard?

From Virtual Worlds News:

On Christmas Eve, filed a complaint against NCsoft for infringing on its virtual world and MMO patent., which was one of the early virtual world developers from the ’90s, made waves earlier this month when it announced that it had selected an intellectual property firm to defend its two patents related to scaling virtual spaces and enabling users to interact and chat in 3D environments.

NCSoft is the company behind my beloved Dungeon Runners, so naturally, I am taking an interest in this lawsuit. Continue reading

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A Valid Excuse For My Absence

My apologies for neglecting my blog for a month. I blame a combination of over-exhaustion after the election (It’s over…? Thank God, I can sit back and breathe for a while!), exceptional stress at work, and a smaller amount of free time than usual. What little I have had I have spent playing The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. I believe I have mentioned it, briefly, in a previous blog post. It deserves a more detailed mention, however, and since I have a couple of hours to spare before the rest of the family wakes up–yay for jetlag!–I might as well write about my new favorite PC game. Continue reading

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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

At long last, after a long war that I do not want to pass along to you, I have achieved the following:

I have The Withcer: Enhanced Edition. It is fantastic. Anyone who knows me should be able to realize the impact a real RPG like this one would have on me.

In order to achieve this RPG’s awesomeness, you need to follow the instructions on this link. Now, this is important: If you have XP 64-bit or Vista 64-bit, be sure to run the 1.4 patch in Win95 compatibility mode. If you do not do this, you may need to reinstall the game from scratch.

Personally, and I run Vista Home Premium 64-bit, I could run the .exe file without any problems, at least  through the game’s initial stages. We will have to wait and see…

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