Things that suck…

Saturday morning. I slept in, woke up to find a very affectionate cat in my bed, who wanted to be snuggled and loved on. So I scritched the cat, slowly woke up to the point I was willing to get out of bed, and headed out to the kitchen for breakfast.

While I was preparing to make coffee, I accidentally shattered the glass beaker to my French press. I have no other coffee maker.

Life is unfair.


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Another one bites the dust …

A person I really enjoyed working with was fired today. It was completely unexpected, some of the others say it was unfair, but when it’s all said and done the bottom line is that one of the very few co-workers who was on the same wavelength as me is now gone.

There are, of course rumors, speculation, and all sorts of gossip, but I don’t particularly pay attention. He stopped at my desk on the way out and said goodbye, and I said I was sorry to see him go, and wished him good luck.

Not only did work just become considerably more difficult… it also just became a lot more boring.

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It’s not just the customers…

Earlier today, this exchange with a Level 1 Support rep took place over instant messenger:

Lvl 1 rep: Who does our Tech Support from China? I have an email from a customer and I don’t know where to reassign it to.

Me: Well, the European office does the European countries, but everything else goes through us here in the US.

Lvl 1 rep: So I’ll redirect him to the UK office?

I am scared now. And I want to know which school she went to, so I can warn my friends not to send their kids there…

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Winter wonderland…


The parking lot behind work, 10:20 AM this morning. About time!

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And now for something completely different.


My name is Mimsy and I am a makeup addict. It has been a little over a day since my last purchase.

It was a black tinsel mascara. It is shock full with small silver flakes that grab on to each individual lash and make them a discretely glittering black and silver. The mascara itself is lengthening without causing lumps or spider legs, and the wand is small and easy to use. It is one of the rubber elliptical wands with spikes that has become so popular with mascara makers recently, but because it is small and the bristles thin and long, it works surprisingly well. Reaching the small lashes at the inner corner was easy and there was no mess whatsoever. In addition to that, after the over-whelming Sephora fragrances it was a nice change of pace to wear a mascara that smells of practically nothing.

It started when I was, I think, 7 or 8 years old. I used to try and borrow my mother’s makeup when she wasn’t looking, and as soon as she discovered that she put them away, out of my reach, and I started using anything else I could find that left colored markings on rough surfaces. The red sharpie was a mistake… though it looked stunning until it stared causing a rash.

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“Computer techs” that give the rest of us a bad name…

So early last week one of my co-workers, B, comes up to me and wants to know if I have a moment. She wants to run a computer problem by me for a second opinion, to help her sister out. Sure. Talk is cheap, so since we’re both on break I start asking for details.

B tells me her sister has a laptop that is her life-line to the world. She takes online classes while desperately looking for work, and she can’t do either without a working computer, so B is trying to help her get the laptop fixed as soon as possible, without it being too expensive, since it’s refusing to boot. The sister is on a borrowed netbook for now, so she can get her classes done, but that is obviously not a good long term solution. Continue reading

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Basic Email Security

A while back I wrote a blog about how to keep your Steam/email account safe from unscrupulous people on the internet. After a bit of thinking, it has occurred to me that it would not be a bad idea to write another one, on how to stay safe from email traps and ambushes. So here we go…

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