Places I Visit

Below is a collection of website that I visit almost every day. I’ve organized them by category, and then simply alphabetized within categories. If there’s a site you think should be added to the list, or if the list needs to be updated, feel free to let me know either by commenting here, or by sending me an email, just make sure the link will fit in one of the three categories though.

All links will open in a new window.


Makers of some of the best PC and Xbox RPGs you’ll ever play. They are the golden standard. Bow down before them.

Good Old Games
No DRM, no disc required. Just pay the small fee, download your game, and now it is all yours, and so are the extras that come with it. Want the Fallout soundtrack? A King’s Quest wallpaper? No problem. Once you have bought the game from GOG, they give you the extras for nothing.

Meet the President. Videos and transcripts of all speeches, from the convention in 2004 and on, can be found here, as well as position papers on where Obama stands on all the issues of the election.
Nate Silver takes the polling data and compiles it, analyzes it and serves it up on a platter, thereby saving you a ton of time and work. In the interest of full disclosure, Silver is an Obama supporter and votes Democrat most of the time, but makes no secret of that. He is also an honest analyst who makes a point of keeping his writing as unbiased as possible.

The Daily Dish
Andrew Sullivan is an intelligent conservative who writes for the Atlantic, and keeps a very active blog. Mostly about current politics and issues, and with the occasional Mental Health Break.

General Geekness

Not quite computers, though some of the feature-packed players are starting to blur the line. If you are looking for an mp3-player that actually can play mp3s, an alternative to the iPod, or want to know how to replace the harddrive in your Zen Micro with a CF card, ABI and its forums have you covered.

Major Geeks
The best source of software on the internets, with guaranteed malware-free downloads. It also has a very knowledgeable and friendly forum community that can provide you with tech support on everything you need, and an absolutely outstanding Malware Removal forum.

The big daddy of online computer vendors. Whatever you want to upgrade they probably have it, at a reasonable price and with free shipping. Recently opened a branch in Canada.

Large, steadily growing, and very newbie-friendly, Linux distribution. It has a very large forum community that, contrary to the stereotype, is very welcoming and helpful.


2 responses to “Places I Visit

  1. Lev

    When I clicked on “Places I visit” I mistakenly expected to see things like “Sweden” listed hehe

    Nice review of the new toy…glad you are liking it. The Clip sounds so good even if you did want to “go naked” it doesn’t sound like either gender would need the armband anyway ;)

  2. mistressmimsy

    Sorry to disappoint :)

    I’ll just attach the Clip to my hair, I think. It has worked out so far.

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