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Protest SOPA, now!

Wikipedia has the scoop

And that link works. Though Wikipedia, along with Craigslist, Google, and other sites, are doing their black-out protest of SOPA and PIPA today, Wikipedia have made sure that their detailed article on why these two are bad, is visible to everyone.

Protest, everyone in the US. This is our only chance to tell Congress and the Senate just how stupidly bad this legislation is. The fact that hardly anyone involved in it understands how the internet works is actually not the worst part about this piece of legislation. Protest if you’re outside the US as well. If SOPA or PIPA, or both, are passed into law, the US-based websites you visit every day could be lost to you.

SOPA gives a game publishing company the power to legally shut down the entire domain Gamespot.com, if they think that posting videos or screenshots from one of their games is a copyright violation severe enough that it needs to be stopped. The company making this request is not required to notify Gamespot, or ask them to remove the content–which is already their right, and if asked, Gamespot is legally required to comply–and Gamespot would remain offline until they can prove they were innocent and didn’t know that copyright was violated. SOPA also gives the MPAA and the RIAA the ability to create “black-lists” of site that they want taken down or censored, and the legal right and ability to make that happen. So in theory, if this bill goes through the US Congress, the entire world could lose access to Gamespot, or for that matter, YouTube.

WIkipedia has suggestions on how people outside this country can protest by contacting their own governments. Let’s get this ball rolling. Protest SOPA and PIPA.


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